PTS 37j : Fresh waters - Nitroaromatics

Details of the program

PTS created in 2010
ISO/IEC 17043 accredited by COFRAC
5 registered laboratories from 2 countries


Sending dateRegistration deadlineCodeMatrixWeightAccreditedDetails
2024/12/032024/11/18 4937 Surface water Nitroaromatics 1 l
2025/04/092025/03/25 4937 Surface water Nitroaromatics 1 l

Shipment information

Samples sent by express carrier
DAP Incoterm
Delivery of samples in Europe + USA at D+1
Other countries between D+2 and D+5
Samples marked with are sent frozen / refrigerated
Matrices and analytes may be changed or removed for technical or scientific reasons.
Some samples are sent frozen / refrigerated